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Children's Pottery Parties

I have been running very successful children's pottery parties for the last 10 years and have found that they are suitable for youngsters aged 5 years and upwards [younger siblings are welcome but would need to be looked after].


The children make a clay face and have a go on the potter's wheel. I show them how to model the nose, eyes and mouth, and, after demonstrations, they can go to town with hair, pirate hats, jewellery, ipods, and whatever else they can think of.


They will then have a go on the potter's wheel and make a small bowl.


Both of these will be dried and then fired which usually takes 2/3 weeks - they can then be picked up and possibly painted at home. So each child has a momento of two pottery pieces.


All this takes about 2 hours and in my experience almost all children from 5 years old can really enjoy this activity.

The cost of a children's pottery party is £10.00 per child with a minimum of £75.

I can fit about 12 youngsters in my studio  - if you need a greater number to be catered for I can hire a local church room but this would incurr more costs.


I don't come out of my studio to run parties.

If wanted the tables can be then cleared and you can offer some cake, party bags, or other contained nibbles, but don't bring a party feast as a workshop isn't suitable! Some parents take party goers to McD's [or similar] 15 mins drive inTelford.

8 yr olds 25 sept 10
5 yr olds 25 sept 10
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proud 8 year olds.......

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success !!!

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Sam's party 2012 b
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so that is how I do it.......

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